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Suetonius The Twelve Caesars.

The Twelve Caesars Part 7 Galba By Suetonius

Suetonius lived at the peak of the Roman Empire, during a period in which its political power held sway over a hundred million people and 2. The period he covers in De vita Caesarum encompasses an even earlier era, the period of Imperial ascendancy under Julius Caesar and the next eleven emperors. While on his voyage thither, in the winter season, he was taken by pirates near the island of Pharmacusa , and detained by them, burning with indignation, for nearly forty days; his only attendants being a physician and two chamberlains.

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For he had instantly dispatched his other servants and the friends who accompanied him, to raise money for his ransom. Fifty talents having been paid down, he was landed on the coast, when, having collected some ships , he lost no time in putting to sea in pursuit of the pirates, and having captured them, inflicted upon them the punishment with which he had often threatened them in jest.

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The Lives of the Twelve Caesars - Wikisource, the free online library

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The Lives of the Twelve Caesars

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