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It sets off into an investigation whose reveal is actually rather cleverly and subtly foreshadowed early on. We also get plenty of time to see how Luna is growing anyone complaining about how Luna fares in the first book really does need to keep reading, she gets stronger with every book , and an interesting side-story about two effectively master-less Apprentices and their ties to a non-human that is more Dark than light. This series remains quite an enjoyable read with some solid world-building.

Fans will be quite pleased.

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A beautiful enchantress steps through the door just as an evil construct beast hurtles through the window. Not an obtuse Chinese saying, but a typical day in the life of future-diviner and magic shop owner, Alex Verus. Add to this the benign magical animal that seems to have died mysteriously and unmarked and you begin to realise something's afoot. It's the sort of day that could only be made worse by the realisation that Alex's curse-soaked friend Luna has fallen in love with someone other than Alex and Benedict Jacka treats us to the follow up to Fated and, indeed, 'treats' is the word.

The surviving characters are back. Once again Alex visits the seat of the ruling Council in Canary Wharf and comes away with a job. Luna is now Alex's apprentice but that isn't going too well as Alex has never had one before, and, besides, Luna's a mate and happens to be in love with Martin.

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  7. Luna is as feisty as ever, but a lot of the 'feist' this time around is aimed at Alex. Indeed, despite his ability to see into the future, Alex is having a rough time and can't understand why he can't feel happy for Luna.

    All reviews for: Alex Verus series

    Three guesses Alex! By the way, Luna's curse is also still there, ensuring that anyone who gets too close to Luna is at least badly injured, and often terminally so. Cursed is a lot pacier than Fated , mainly because the author has dropped the lecture-like paragraphs of information concerning the world of the mage. The hectic narration is starting to cool, somewhat, without losing any of its flavour, and the retelling of events is both breathtaking and emotional. Welcome to Fountain Reach. Ancient seat of the Aubuchon dynasty. Majestic setting of the White Stone tournament. Alex Verus's not necessarily reliable reputation attracts all sorts.

    Most are plain bonkers. Yet there's one invitation he just can't refuse. At Fountain Reach, Alex is perfectly placed among the noted and notorious to figure out why apprentices have been vanishing. But the tournament is a minefield of ancient grudges and new threats, and Alex can't afford to miss a trick as his elusive adversary stays one step ahead in this most dangerous of games.

    In most good fantasy novels we have the Light and Dark side but the heroes we love best are those who walk the grey areas between. In Taken we really begin to see Alex come into his own, he is more confident and sure in his actions and it reflects well on the page. Alex continues to grow as character, his motivations feel more real and you can begin to empathise with the person portrayed and the challenges he is are facing. In Taken Alex is propositioned by a beautiful women to come to her aid. And in the best noir custom you know she is either soon to die or is the villain. I do love a little bit of the old school femme fatal….

    The fight scenes we do get are written well and imaginative; Luna with a bullwhip of her luck is a very nice construct, and I can see some real fun coming with this. Luna as a character is beginning to develop in her own right, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with her.

    Alex Verus series | Urban Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Be aware this book isn't big; there is a tendency that when an author begins a series the story begins a little small and in each new novel they increase in size. Jacka has kept this series a nice manageable weekend read in length. I would rather be reading these smaller releases each year than one larger piece released once a year. There is a real potential here for an awesome or fearsome power; the ability to heal or drain life from people would be both fantastic and frightening.

    I hope we get to see more of this in later books.

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    I hope he keeps this up and maintains the different flavour of creatures coming. The interactions between Alex and the Tigerman are well written and adds depth to the world of Alex Verus. A negative - and it's not really a true negative - is the bad guy. When it's finally revealed I got goose bumps, this is the bad guy that should scare bad guys. There is some wiggle room with the ending and I think that we may or may not see them come back. My hope is they will make an appearance later.

    I was hoping something like this wasn't going to show up as its just very predictable in modern fantasy: Vampires. I good little weekend read that is starting to gather some steam. Fast paced suspenseful fantasy thriller. Fergus McCartan, 7. Fated Alex Verus series: Book 1 7.

    Hidden in the lanes and byways of Camden London sits a shop, just a little shop, but if you know where to find it and have need of something a little magical, then the Arca