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The fourth volume in the SCALE series, Furnishing - Zoning, deals with the relationships between building typology and building structure, and between spatial composition and interior design. The relationship between the briefing and the catalogue of requirements, and between shell construction and fit-out, is elucidated.

Connections at walls, ceilings and floors are explained in detail and illustrated with case studies of selected projects. Click here to find out how I can help you to create a Space Plan for your home. Join Me On Instagram! Design Rules Interior Design What is space planning and how to create a space plan 1st September What is Space Planning in Interior Design?

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These could be windows, fireplaces, doors or built in units. Are they balanced in the room? Remember that the human eye is drawn to focal points, and will scan a space when entering it. Perception of space is based on body size.

Chapter 5—Model Sidewalks

Think about the space in terms of volume, eg: if it were a fish bowl, if you add in a sofa, chandelier, sculptures, bookshelves, table, coffee table etc, you displace some of the water. Aim to create both a prospect and a refuge in each room so you can feel enclosed, but also have a view beyond to the outside or natural world. Using Prospect and Refuge theory in a space can make it more comfortable for the human experience.

Ensure that the circulation passageway through a room follows an easy and economic pathway from the door to all the other main activity areas.

3.2 Sidewalks

Clutter closes down space, so edit your clutter to avoid blocking both circulation and reducing the perceived size of a room. In large or long spaces, subdivide different activity zones to give definition to each part of the room.

When planning decoration and lighting, work with the principles that vertical lines draw our eyes up and horizontal lines draw them across to extend or reduce the proportions of a room. Wallpaper with a square grid or tiling a room in squares will give the impression that it is bigger than it is — the smaller the grid, the larger the room appears. When furnishing small rooms, blur the edges of the room to break up the lines between floor and walls; draw furniture a little way away from the walls; buy furniture in proportion to the room; choose furniture with legs to give the illusion of more space.

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The width of the right-of-way permits easy development of a five-foot-wide PAR with plenty of area left for bus stops, outdoor furnishings, tree areas, accessible parking, utility poles, hydrants, and other elements. The width of the PAR is constrained in each succeeding model illustrating typical relationships of the same elements in foot, 8-foot, and 4- to 5-foot-wide pedestrian zone conditions.

All sidewalks are measured from the back of the curb to the edge of the right-of-way.

Furnishing | Zoning

These illustrations are not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of all possible solutions to the problem posed by narrow right-of-way conditions, but rather to begin the process of suggesting. Chapter 5—Model Sidewalks.

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Curb ramps: short ramps cutting through a curb or built up to it. The locations and shapes of the ramped surfaces define the types that are generally used. Ramp edges may be either flared or returned, although if edge returns are used, the adjacent surface should not be a pedestrian circulation path. Ramps have four-foot by four-foot landings at top and bottom, although five-foot by five-foot is preferable.

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